When you’re in the office break room, at a holiday party or a friendly gathering at someone’s house, even the best-laid plans for avoiding treats often go out the window. We all know our brains are hardwired to find “junk” food like cookies and candy appealing, but something about it being free and spontaneous makes it even more irresistable.

Willpower game 💯 today. 😎

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And while I’m not one to judge a savored handful of chocolate almonds or Christmas cookies here and there, I know very well how frustrating it can be when your intentions are good, yet you still find yourself in front of the dessert tray, mysteriously covered in chocolate, feeling guilty and bloated and not fully remembering how you got there. So when you’re making the decision NOT to indulge — which can be agonizing for some of us — here are a couple things to consider. It may be helpful to read this list when you’re feeling stressed or tempted at work:

I hope this helps. Being healthy is not about being perfect all the time, but aiming to make the best choices for your personal goals consistently and over time, and creating these healthy habits — however small — can help get you there. Let me know if you have any additional tips in the comments, or reach out to me @themusclemaven!

Many of us already know that the best way to maximize health and minimize stress is to realign our diet and balance our hectic modern environment with the primal lifestyle our bodies crave; we just need some support getting there. The good news is, the journey of personal discovery and health can be extremely rewarding—and fun!

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