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EP 2: The most important hormone we aren’t talking about with Dr. Anna Cabeca

Discovering the intricacy of the female body is a beautiful process. Our delicate hormonal balance affects all aspects of our health and wellbeing, from the condition of our skin to the quality of our sleep and sex lives. In this episode, I interview Dr. Anna Cabeca who is board certified in genealogy and obstetrics, integrative medicine, and anti-aging and regenerative medicine and who is also an authoritative voice in the realm of functional medicine, menopause, and women’s sexual health. Dr. Cabeca unpacks the three major hormones and how an increase or decrease in their levels affect us and explains how they can be managed and even optimized for healing. We get into the variables that affect the efficacy of oxytocin supplementation, the use of exogenous hormones such as melatonin, and the relationship between adiponectin and weight loss resistance. Turning our attention to her newly released book Keto-Green 16, Dr. Cabeca explains how her approach to the ketogenic diet differs from the mainstream understanding, highlighting her views on alkalizing foods, the need for digestive enzymes, consuming greens versus proteins, intermittent fasting, and much more. 

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Key Points From This Episode:



“It takes more than hormones to fix our hormones. That’s where lifestyle medicine becomes really powerful.” — @AnnaCabeca [0:05:18]

“We really need to look at the major hormones and for me, those are insulin, cortisol, and oxytocin. Those three hormones are the most powerful hormones in our body, with oxytocin being the crowing hormone.” — @AnnaCabeca [0:05:57]

“It is our own activities and our perceptions and our lifestyle practices that increase our own natural oxytocin. We manage cortisol and do practices that increase oxytocin.” — @AnnaCabeca [0:18:25]

“Increasing your digestive enzymes is one of the key things that we need to do and focus on, especially as we get older.” — @AnnaCabeca [0:43:06]

“These low-calorie days that we have, destroy our metabolism. We are better to fast than eat small meals.” — @AnnaCabeca [0:59:42]


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