Hunting, harvesting, and cooking with Wilderness to Table’s Bri Van Scotter

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No matter how we eat, the way we participate in the food cycle in the most ethical, sustainable, and healthy way is a really important conversation to have. Joining me to talk about cooking what you hunt is Bri Van Scotter, a true renaissance woman with degrees in art, communications, and cuisine – and the force behind Wilderness to Table, through which she teaches people about making, enjoying, and also sourcing delicious and healthy food. We chat with Bri about her journey to becoming a self-sustained food maker through harvesting and hunting, hearing about how she felt unfulfilled with her initial education and career before learning about cuisine and becoming fascinated with self-sourced ingredients.

She talks about how she learned to hunt and reconcile her hesitance to kill with her belief that it’s more humane than mass farmed approaches, recounting the story of her first kill and how she overcome the initial shock. We consider the contrasts between factory farms, slaughterhouses, and sustainable harvesting, and Bri weighs in on our culture’s damaging eating habits, how organic food helped her health journey, and that self-harvesting results in a more meaningful cooking process. Bri speaks about the contrast between Instagram’s culture of trophy hunting and her approach, according to which the whole hunt is geared toward the meal, and the work she is doing to advocate it with women’s hunting groups and a course in the pipeline. Bri’s current career also takes center stage, and we chat about her show, the hunts she goes on, her favorite game meat, the new recipe book she is working on, and the nose-to-tail message behind all her projects. For this and a whole lot more on the topic of self-sustained cooking, tune in today!

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Key Points From This Episode:



“I need to pay respect to these animals and if I had my hands on them since the beginning, I need to have only my hands on them in the end.” — @Chefbrivs [0:06:19]

“Even when I hunt, if I can’t get a good shot, I am not going to take it, because the last thing I want is for that animal to suffer.” — @Chefbrivs [0:10:46]

“It’s been my dream to have a cookbook. As a chef, that’s my goal, but I never thought I was going to have a wild game cookbook.” — @Chefbrivs [0:43:35]

“Farming could be transformed into something really amazing.” — @Chefbrivs [0:54:18]

“You have to know what to cook before you harvest your animal because that determines how you butcher in the field.” — @Chefbrivs [1:00:37]


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