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EP 9: Strength takes many forms: powerlifting through a cancer diagnosis with Nikki Balkau

Today’s episode is about the many forms that strength can take, the power of perspective, and ultimately the story of a pretty remarkable human being who has been through more than most and has come out of it all a stronger, wiser person. Nikki Balkau is a powerlifter, but like all of us she’s a lot more than that. We discuss her experience being diagnosed with Leukemia has an otherwise healthy twenty-something, and how she dealt with that diagnosis physically and mentally (including continuing to train, literally, while undergoing chemo).

We talk about her background with and recovery from an eating disorder, and how different sports throughout her life have shaped her attitudes towards her body and her self-worth and identity. Her openness and willingness to share the good and the bad of her deeply personal story with the world is incredibly inspiring, and may help anyone who’s listening and going through something tough – it’s a reminder that whatever you’re going through, you’re not alone, and there are lessons to be learned even in our darkest times.

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