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Ep 13 | Dr. Elly Michelle | Q&A about hormones, disordered eating, and the “toned” woman myth

Today Ashleigh welcomes back her friend Dr. Elly Michelle Lieppman, a licensed naturopathic doctor who specializes in individualized women’s medicine, optimizing hormones, digestion, and energy. Dr. Elly Michelle is passionate about restoring balance in the body naturally and sustainably through lifestyle medicine, nutrition, and strategic supplementation, by uncovering the root cause of health concerns and understanding what is going on in your body at a deeper level.

With specific expertise in eating disorders, Elly brings so much to table and the two women answer audience questions about vitamin deficiencies, overcoming body insecurity, what your cycle is telling you about your health, and misconceptions over what it takes to achieve that “toned” look so many women are after. All that and more in this info-packed episode!

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Many of us already know that the best way to maximize health and minimize stress is to realign our diet and balance our hectic modern environment with the primal lifestyle our bodies crave; we just need some support getting there. The good news is, the journey of personal discovery and health can be extremely rewarding—and fun!

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