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Ep 15 | Sam Pogue | What is “biohacking” and is it worth it?

Today Ashleigh chats with her friend and personal trainer/ fitness consultant /brand builder Sam Pogue about balancing our desires for a “magic pill” or quick fix with the reality of long-term, consistent habits. They talk about the trend and subculture of biohacking; what’s snake oil and what’s really helpful; the importance of clearly understanding your goals before you can reverse engineer the steps needed to get there; and when “biohacking” can be fun and helpful, and when you need to simply get back to basics and build the foundation first.

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Many of us already know that the best way to maximize health and minimize stress is to realign our diet and balance our hectic modern environment with the primal lifestyle our bodies crave; we just need some support getting there. The good news is, the journey of personal discovery and health can be extremely rewarding—and fun!

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