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The Muscle Maven’s holiday gift guide

Looking for that perfect gift for the foodie, fitness junkie, or just awesome person in your life? I have some ideas for you!



It Takes Guts:

My book on nose-to-tail eating contains more than 75 recipes using all parts of the animal, including a range of bone broths, liver dishes, ways to “hide” nutrient-dense organ meats into comfort foods like burgers and meatballs, many collagen-infused desserts, and so much more. There are also plenty of fun stories, contributed recipes from chefs around the world, and plenty of education on why nose-to-tail eating is the best option for your health, for the planet, for your bank account, and for the food industry. CLICK HERE

Sacred Cow:

The most important book about regenerative agriculture and the ethics and sustainability of eating meat. If you are a meat eater, thinking about becoming a meat eater, or just want to understand our food industry and ecosystem a bit better, this book is a must. CLICK HERE

Complete Wild Game Cookbook:

My friend Bri Van Scotter of Wilderness to Table does it all: she’s a hunter, chef, recipe developer, and photographer, and her latest book is basically my dream come true. Wild game is some of the most delicious meat on the planet, and she covers it all in this one: from rabbit to bear to moose and beyond, she offers up healthy, innovative, and delicious recipes that I seriously can’t wait to dig into. This is perfect for the hunter/chef in your life! CLICK HERE


Meathead merch:

This is a no-brainer – get some meathead merch for the beefcake in your life. Choose from the “meathead” or “50% vegan, 50% carnivore” styles in a range of colors, available in a tank top, t-shirt, or comfy sweatshirt. CLICK HERE

Superhero pants:

I have a bit of a carbon38 addiction – I’ve bought a number of pants from them and they definitely make for some of my most popular Instagram posts 😉 But more importantly, they’re high quality, comfortable, and actually stand up to a workout. CLICK HERE to see my favorites. 


Just get on the CBD train already:

By now everyone knows about the health benefits of high quality CBD: it can ease anxiety, improve sleep quality, aid muscle recovery, and a lot more. I’ve personally noticed significant improvements in my muscle recovery and ability to go to sleep after using it, and Santa Cruz Medicinals is my favorite company. Their products are so well-priced, and they actually work! They offer so many ways to get your CBD fix, from unflavored MCT oil you can add to food and beverages; to flavored tinctures you can take any time during the day (peppermint is my favorite); to topical lotions and pain balms that contain nourishing ingredients and can actually speed up recovery of sore muscles. Buy a gift package for your high-strung, always-sore friend. Use code MUSCLEMAVEN15, CLICK HERE

Give the gift of back muscles:

I just launched my #JackedBack pull-up program and I’m really excited about it. I put a lot of work into it because it’s a topic I’m really passionate about: helping people gain functional strength through a very tough—but very empowering—technical movement. The program is great for anyone, men and women, whether you’re just starting on your pull-up journey or if you want to level up in reps, weighted pull-ups, and so on. It’s scaleable, repeatable, and you get direct access to me to answer questions and discuss your progress. Why not aim for a pull-up for your 2021 resolution? CLICK HERE

Ancestral Health, in a pill:

For those family members who are always talking about trying to eat healthier (but never actually do), gift them some ancestral health in their stocking this year with Ancestral Supplements, grassfed desiccated organ pills. This company provides a cure to whatever ails you, with options ranging from kidney (which can address histamine intolerance); adrenal support; collagen; and liver supplements (if you want the benefits but not the taste) and that’s just to name a few. The company is transparent and willing to answer any of your questions, and I cycle their products into my diet year round to keep me running on a full tank. I recommend anyone start with the Beef Organs complex—it’s the best bang for your buck—but peruse the website and see if there’s something else you might want to give a shot! Use code MAVEN10, CLICK HERE

Light blocking glasses (for all that screen time you’ll be having over the holidays):

I wear BLUBlox glasses most of the time when I’m working or watching anything on a screen. Their BluLite range help reduce eye strain, while the Sleep+ are perfect when you need to start winding down at night. All their glasses come in a range of nice styles, so you can be nerdy without looking nerdy. They even offer sunlight-mimicking lightbulbs and specially formulated sleep masks. The company is run by awesome people who I know personally; they are always super responsive and happy to answer questions. They offer worldwide free shipping, too. CLICK HERE

Healthy Gut, happy new year:

The MCT powder mixes super well into coffee for a creamy, non-sweet treat full of healthy fats that will keep you energized, and the flavorless collagen is a great addition to your diet for its role in supporting digestion and healthy skin, nails, and hair. I use it in my healthy baking and basically sprinkle it on everything. And as a kind of double gift, BUBS donates 10% of their earnings to a veteran-supporting charity. Use code MM20, CLICK HERE

Balance the holiday booze with healthy hydration:

If you’re anything like me, one of your biggest healthy habit struggles is staying hydrated (because coffee is mostly water, right? So I can just drink coffee? Nope). To get around this pesky problem, I use LMNT, flavored salt electrolyte powder that not only makes drinking tastier, but it helps you maintain your hydration and all those key electrolytes (rather than just immediately peeing it out). My favorite flavor by far is the chocolate –  they have subscription options if you’d like to gift it to the endurance runner, fitness enthusiast, or just chronically dehydrated person in your life. CLICK HERE


Sexy (and healthy) skincare:

Men and women, young and old, we can all benefit from healthy, effective skincare. Yes, it makes us look healthier and it protects our largest organ (our skin) but it’s also a nice teat to give yourself – taking the time every day to slow down and go through a small skincare routine is a little bit of meditative self-care (at least for me). Primally Pure makes healthy products that smell and look beautiful, don’t contain harmful ingredients, and actually work – you don’t feel like you’re “settling” for a healthier product that isn’t as nice as the expensive stuff. I highly recommend the charcoal deodorant, blue tansy beauty cream, and the citrus and mint body butter – but you can take their online test to see which products would be best suited for your skin. Use code MUSCLEMAVEN, CLICK HERE

The best caramels:

Another great stocking-stuffer that won’t make you feel stuffed – these AIP and Paleo friendly marshmallows and caramels taste even better than the original, junky versions, even with only a few ingredients like coconut sugar and grassfed gelatin. They’re also a small company with real people behind it who will go above and beyond for their customers; highly recommend! CLICK HERE

Beautiful art:

My friend and cookbook illustrator Patty Toner has created some prints based on the book, and they are incredible! My favorite is the heart, but I have all of them in my home. They come in two different sizes and are incredibly well priced. Check them all out here. CLICK HERE

The BEST chocolate:

This is the best chocolate, full-stop. Usually, you have to buy delicious chocolate full of sugar and bad ingredients, or you have to buy healthier chocolate that kinda tastes like dirt or medicine. Somehow, the magicians at HU manage to make high-quality chocolate with just a few ingredients that actually tastes like an indulgent treat and doesn’t make you feel like garbage afterwards. I’m partial to the nut-butter filled bars and the chocolate covered cashews, but there are plenty of other options to choose from! Use code MUSCLEMAVEN, CLICK HERE

Simple, pretty, shiny things:

Anyone who knows me knows that another passion of mine is jewelry. I love beautiful, delicate gold that you can wear all the time (even when working out) and one of my favorite companies, that I gift the most often, is called Automic Gold based out of New York. I own FOUR of their simple gold chain rings and have given as many away as gifts, but they also have tiny delicate earrings, chains, monogrammed stuff, and so much more. It’s very high quality, the gold is recycled, and they employ the highest eco-friendly and ethical manufacturing processes out there. CLICK HERE to see my favorite.

Many of us already know that the best way to maximize health and minimize stress is to realign our diet and balance our hectic modern environment with the primal lifestyle our bodies crave; we just need some support getting there. The good news is, the journey of personal discovery and health can be extremely rewarding—and fun!

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