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EP 9: Strength takes many forms: powerlifting through a cancer diagnosis with Nikki Balkau

Today’s episode is about the many forms that strength can take, the power of perspective, and ultimately the story of a pretty remarkable human being who has been through more than most and has come out of it all a stronger, wiser person. Nikki Balkau is a powerlifter, but like all of us she’s a lot more than […]

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EP 8: Hormones, fertility, and strength with Dr. Fit and Fabulous, Jaime Seeman

On this episode of Muscle Maven Radio, Ashleigh speaks with Dr. Fit and Fabulous, Dr. Jaime Seeman. A functional OBGYN and surgeon, she also calls herself the vagina doctor so it only makes sense that they talk about nutrition and health for pregnancy and women who wish to become pregnant; what your monthly cycle can […]

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EP7: Talking sex and pull-ups with Untrue author Wednesday Martin

Because sexual health is an important part of overall health and wellness, In today’s episode Ashleigh speaks with writer Wednesday Martin about her groundbreaking book Untrue. They dive into complex topics like women’s sexuality and how stereotypes about women’s sexuality are created and perpetuated. They talk about the historical and anthropological bases for a lot […]

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EP 6: Trusting yourself over technology: the future of wellness tracking with the founders of MetriLife

The problem with most health tracking apps is that they tend to influence people to rely more on external data than their own thinking. Today’s guests are Paul Oneid and Jay Nera, the founders of MetriLife, a mobile app that teaches you how your daily behaviors affect your life and provide you with actionable feedback […]

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Many of us already know that the best way to maximize health and minimize stress is to realign our diet and balance our hectic modern environment with the primal lifestyle our bodies crave; we just need some support getting there. The good news is, the journey of personal discovery and health can be extremely rewarding—and fun!

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