Ep 33 | Demystifying fears around childbirth

Today Ashleigh speaks with a family dedicated to ancestral health and lifestyle, including natural home birth: Colin Stuckert, founder of Wild Foods Co, and his wife, Allison Bingham. It’s a wide-ranging conversation about the current culture and education around childbirth in America, and why a focus on empowerment, understanding our bodies, and trusting in our ability to birth is needed.

This podcast is not meant to discourage anyone from a hospital-based birth, it’s about empowering individuals to advocate for themselves, research different options, and know that there are many ways to have a successful, positive birth. Allison talks about the differences in her first c-section birth and her second home birth; the ways in which she ate, exercised, researched, and labored, and some of the questions we should be asking as we prepare for our own labor and deliveries. Because birth is a family affair, this one isn’t just for moms and moms-to-be, but for birth partners and anyone who loves or cares about a potential birthing person!

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