Habit Coaching online program

This program will help you build the foundational habits of hydration, sleep, nutrition, movement, and mindset so that you can find your own sustainable, empowered healthy lifestyle. Track your habits, learn foundational health principles based on key lifestyle factors, access tons of resources, recipes, and tips directly from me, and connect with me so I can personally answer your questions.


Jacked Back Pull-Up Program premium online version

Improve your pull-ups while gaining functional strength and body awareness through a progressive and scalable series of workouts. Get lifetime access to the 12-week program complete with challenging workouts, a full video library of exercise tutorials, and direct access to me as your “personal pull-up coach.”

For the Jacked Back Pull-Up Program premium online version - PDF VERSION


In Harmony with your Hormones digital workshop

This workshop consists of three in-depth lectures and discussions around key aspects of female hormonal health, and additional reading material and resources for you to keep. This intimate and thorough workshop allows you inside access to a naturopathic doctor who specializes in hormonal, sexual, and fertility issues, as well as an experienced health and wellness coach – for an incredibly reduced price. Naturopathic doctor, Dr. Elly Michelle and health and wellness coach Ashleigh VanHouten dive deep into under-served topics including: understanding your cycle; optimizing your hormones for fertility and sexual health; and creating a nourishing and sustainable fitness and nutrition plan for optimal health. You’ll get more than four hours of lectures and audio/video presentations, as well as downloadable lecture material and resources, and two healthy recipe e-books.


Muscle for Health and Longevity digital workshop

The information provided here is based on a three-week online workshop hosted by functional medicine physician Dr. Gabrielle Lyon and health coach and wellness journalist Ashleigh VanHouten, and is intended for self-directed learning. This course is focused on understanding muscle as the organ of health and longevity, and how to support optimal muscle growth and maintenance through nutrition, fitness, and mindset practices. This course includes over 8 hours of video lectures and a series of information packed PowerPoint presentations, as well as Dr. Lyon’s updated Lyon Protocol nutrition document and an exclusive Muscle-Centric Meals recipe e-book.