Strength Training for Women Specialist

This is a flexible, self-study, online course comprised of 6 core chapters that are equal parts women's fitness and coaching addressing the many differentiating factors that can impact a woman's health and fitness journey.

You learn at your own pace, with audio and reading options to suit any learning style; there are strength training and nutrition templates you can use as starting points with your clients; and you'll be challenged with optional extra coaching assignments as well as quizzes to ensure mastery of the content.

What You'll Learn:

  • A brief history of strength, muscle building, and fitness for women
  • Best practices for nutrition, hydration, and strength training for women
  • Proper recovery and how stress management plays into health and strength gains
  • Physiological and hormonal considerations, including how these impact muscle and fat distribution
  • Training and nutrition applications during pregnancy and through menopause
  • A discussion and analysis of fitness culture and its messaging towards women, including its implications on women as consumers of fitness and nutrition information and how it affects self-esteem, health, and behavior
  • BONUS: You'll also receive a 4-week strength-training template that can be applied towards beginner to intermediate-level clients

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Jacked Back Pull-Up Program 

Improve your pull-ups while gaining functional strength and body awareness through a progressive and scalable series of workouts. Get lifetime access to the 12-week program complete with challenging workouts and a full video library of exercise tutorials.

Muscle Science for Women course

This comprehensive, interactive 3-month strength and muscle-building program and educational course is meant to provide women with the information, science-backed programming, supplemental resources, and support to feel empowered in their workouts and learn how to effectively train to build muscle, get strong, and feel confident doing it!

In this program, Ashleigh and Rachel are not only explaining what to do to build muscle and strength, but also providing the research-backed, tested information on how to do it practically and efficiently.

We only run the course a couple times a year, so click the link below to be the first to be notified when a new program is starting!