Podcast and Health Consulting

Podcast Consulting 


Want to start your own podcast, and have no idea how to begin? Do you have a podcast, and you’re looking for ways to grow it, monetize it, find sponsors and guests? Have questions about the technical side, marketing, partnerships, or even how to conduct a great interview? I have more than 8 years in the podcast industry, hosting or co-hosting four different podcasts, consulting for many more, and have more than 1.3 million downloads under my belt. During this consultation I’ll do an audit of your podcast or podcast plan, work with you to understand your goals and challenges, and provide actionable recommendations, resources, and guidance to help you move forward.




One-on-One Health Coaching Consultation


With more than ten years’ experience in the health and fitness industry, including many years coaching, I’ve learned that micromanaging someone’s diet isn’t the key to success. What most people need to improve their health is information, support, resources, and a willingness to do the work – and while I can’t help you with that last one, I can certainly help you with the first three points! This one-on-one in-depth consultation includes an intensive intake process where I get to know you, your challenges and goals; a Zoom call where we discuss these challenges and goals and you can ask me questions; and a follow-up package of recommendations and resources to help you move forward. This offering is great for individuals who are motivated self-starters, who want to cut through the noise and get some questions answered so they can hit the ground running.