Ashleigh is an author, speaker, podcast host, health coach, and leading authority on understanding the nutrient density of animal protein: she’s the author of one of the only nose-to-tail, organ-meat centric cookbooks in existence, called It Takes Guts. She also co-wrote another cookbook called Carnivore-ish. She is the host of the Muscle Maven Radio podcast—with more than 1.5 million downloads— where she interviews some of the leading minds in exercise and nutrition methodology and overall wellness.

Ashleigh is a longtime contributor to various health and nutrition publications, and is also a consultant in the fitness industry, helping others build their brand and communicate their messages to the world.

She’s developed a range of coaching programs and workshops aimed at improving physical strength, overall wellness, and a deeper understanding of our bodies and optimal health, including her Jacked Back pull-up program and Muscle Science for Women.

Ashleigh holds a master’s degree in professional communications and a range of certifications including CrossFit Strongman Certification, CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certification, Primal Blueprint Coaching Certification,  Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification, and a Certification in Applied Women’s Physiology and Training. In her spare time, she is a former nationally ranked natural figure competitor, and has competed in powerlifting and CrossFit. She’s working on her next animal protein-based cookbook – stay tuned!

To learn more about Ashleigh, here are some recent podcast appearances: