Ep 41 | PosturePro founder Annette Verpillot | The neuroscience of posture optimization

“If you can work your way into poor posture, you can work your way out of it.” - Words of hope from today’s guest, Annette Verpillot, the founder of Posturepro, a health company specialized in restoring the brain-body connection through some of the world’s most advanced rehabilitation and injury prevention techniques. She has created the Posturepro Method which has gained global recognition for eliminating chronic pain, optimizing children’s development, and improving sports proficiency. Additionally, Annette actively works with children, clients, professional athletes, trainers, practitioners, and researchers to develop solutions to tackle global health issues.

You may already know that the way you move, sit, and your footwear can contribute to posture issues and pain, but this episode will open your mind to how much more is involved in proper movement patterns - from your eyes, to your jaw and “tongue” posture,” to your breathing patterns, and so much more. Nearly all of us are misaligned in some way, contributing either to daily chronic pain or suboptimal movement patterns, sports related injury, and other issues, but the good news is there is SO much you can do in your daily life to start making improvements.

Check out Annette’s work, her website, and her Ted Talk here.

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