Ep 44 | Kristin Rowell | How to be more efficient with your fitness and nutrition

In this episode Ashleigh and Kristin, a former lawyer turned nutritional therapy practitioner and coach, talk about stomach acid deficiency; stress management among type A athletes and professionals; how to massively increase your muscle-building potential with less time in the gym; when “biohacking tools” can actually be really effective; and what she means by “nutrition frequency” (spoiler alert - it’s more about the energy and mindfulness you bring to eating rather than actual meal timing)

Kristin Rowell is a former business litigator turned Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and the founder of Energetically Efficient. She consults for companies and organizations around the country on a variety of nutrition, lifestyle and wellness topics as well as works with individual clients one-on-one.During Kristin’s 16 years as a business litigator, she ran 24 marathons, became an IPE Natural Professional Bodybuilder, became 2018 Ms. Natural Minnesota (Figure) by the National Amateur Natural Bodybuilding Federation, successfully litigated numerous complex business cases to conclusion and, in 2019, was identified by Super Lawyers on the list of Minnesota’s Top 50 Women Attorneys. Now, her passion is helping people get fit, healthy and to finally take control of their lives. Learn more at https://energeticallyefficient.com/

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