Ep 46 | Steve Liberati | Encouraging healthy practices in kids

Steve Liberati is the Founder of Steve’s, a healthy snack food company, and the non-profit organization Steve’s Club Camden. Steve’s is a small, family-owned business that Steve started in 2007 when he saw an opportunity to help make a real and positive impact in his community. Ashleigh has been a fan of Steve’s products and company ethos of fitness, wellness, and giving back to the community for a long time, so she asked Steve on to talk about the origin and growth of his business, how to manage the business side of a company that is founded on non-profit and philanthropic principles, and why it’s so important and rewarding to teach and encourage kids and teenagers about healthy living and eating.

Steve’s Club provides fitness, nutritional guidance and personal development to at-risk youth. Since that day, Steve’s has devoted themselves to creating zero-sugar jerky and other paleo and Keto friendly snacks using the proceeds to fund Steve’s Cub Camden. Learn more at https://stevespaleogoods.com/

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