Ep 47 | The Muscle Maven’s guide to healthy skin

In this solo episode, Ashleigh breaks down her key tips for healthy, beautiful, resilient skin - for both men and women - from a nutritional lifestyle perspective, as well as her key topical skincare tips. She breaks down some skincare ingredients you should avoid and some you may want to try, ways to think about sun exposure, and much more. (Please note that Ashleigh is not a dermatologist and this is not medical advice; please use your own discretion when trying new products or nutrition protocols).

Some resources that may help you:




Speaking of skincare, one Ashleigh’s favorite companies and partners is Primally Pure - they use a few natural ingredients like beef tallow, shea butter, and essential oils, and their products are beautiful and luxurious like high-end skincare without the pricetag or the sketchy ingredients. The natural deodorant and body butter are lifechanging! Head to primallypure.com and use the code MUSCLEMAVEN for a discount.

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