Ep 49 | Tiana Pollari | A plant-based coach and a meat-based coach sit down for a podcast

Did you hear the one about the plant-based coach and the meat-based coach who sat down together for a podcast? Well, the punchline is, they have an open conversation about making informed dietary choices, eating disorders, getting enough protein on a plant-based diet, how to adjust your body back to animal protein after years of vegan eating, how to know when someone is using dietary protocols to “excuse” disordered eating, and identity issues around diet, among other topics.

Ashleigh chats with Tiana Pollari, a Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Personal Trainer who specializes in the integration of functional strength training and holistic living. She believes that food should nourish and fuel you and is always in the kitchen creating nutritious and delicious meals to satisfy any skeptic. When she isn’t in the kitchen creating recipes she is also coaching women on how to build sustainable habits and feel confident and sexy in their bodies through her online programs. You can find more information at www.tianapollari.com including access to her workouts, meal plans, and coaching.

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