Ep 59 | Bethany McDaniel | Improve your skin with animal-based products

In this episode Ashleigh and Bethany, the founder of natural skincare brand Primally Pure, discuss specific animal-based skincare ingredients: how they’re processed and used, their benefits, how they’ve been used historically, and much more.
Bethany McDaniel started Primally Pure by personally rendering tallow from the animals at her family’s organic lifestock farm in Southern California, and has grown the brand exponentially to offer high-quality, luxurious natural skincare without any harmful ingredients - and specifically highlighting healthy animal ingredients. Just like with food, “animal-based” ingredients don’t have the same healthy reputation as plant-based, but humans have been using ingredients like tallow to address skin issues for generations.
In this episode:
  • Why grass-fed beef tallow is good for your skin
  • How it’s processed for use in skincare
  • What is emu oil and why it’s a great skin care ingredient
  • How to simplify and detoxify your skin care routine
  • And much more!
For more information about the company, head to primallypure.com and use the code MUSCLEMAVEN to save money on anything you buy.
A big thank you to our show sponsor, Medicine Man Plant Co, maker of uniquely formulated herbal supplements to support optimal health and immune function. Their products are rigorously third party tested and contain ingredients like elderberry, vitamin c, echinachea, and cordyceps - incredible natural ingredients that humans have used for generations to support their health. Learn more at https://medicinemanplantco.com/ and use the discount code MUSCLEMAVEN for 20% off!

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