Ep 64 | Jill Coleman | Fitness, business, and personal growth

Jill Coleman is a veteran of the fitness industry, with a history in figure competitions, fitness magazine cover modeling, personal training, and more - now, she has her own range of programs and certifications and offers business coaching for people looking to grow and level up in the health and fitness industry. Ashleigh worked with Jill personally on a fitness business consultation, and they got together recently to talk all things efficiency, work/life balance, the importance of daily commitments to your health and your business, how to approach investing in yourself, and so much more. 

In this episode Ashleigh and Jill chat about: 

  • How to prioritize a few thing (instead of trying to prioritize everything) to become more productive
  • What moderation in life, nutrition, and exercise means for Jill
  • What "anchor actions" are and how they help productivity 
  • Why she thinks you should play to your strengths instead of focus on your weaknesses
  • A discussion on investing in yourself as an entrepreneur - how to know when to spend money
  • And more!

Learn more about Jill and her programs at jillfit.com, her #moderation365 course, and check out her business podcast Fit Biz U.

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