Ep 72 | Can we change fitness culture?

In this episode Ashleigh takes a deep dive on fitness culture with Erin Power, Coaching & Curriculum Director at the Primal Health Coach Institute about the current state of fitness culture, it's impact on women specifically, and whether or not leaders in the fitness and wellness industry can hope to change or dismantle the harmful aspects of fitness culture in an increasingly digital, instant-gratification world. 

Ashleigh also reveals that she is developing a course for Primal Health Coach Institute for coaches aimed at creating a deeper understanding around strength training for women: the physiological, psychological, hormonal, and cultural aspects as well as practical knowledge that is sorely lacking in generic strength training programs. It will cover practical aspects around recovery, hormonal health, physical changes throughout a woman's lifecycle, as well as nutritional requirements, physiological differences and the impacts on training programming, and how coaches can better inform themselves about these topics to provide better support to strength-training women. 

Erin and Ashleigh cover the following topics:

  • Is it naive to ask people to aim for non-esthetic goals, or will body image always be a significant part of fitness?
  • How can coaches promote self-efficacy?
  • How can we help determine the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic goals in our social media obsessed culture?
  • Is competition (and comparison) inherently bad?
  • Is #fitspo ever inspiring?
  • How can we work to lessen the influence and impact of fitness culture?
  • So much more!

For more information about the courses offered by Primal Health Coach Institute, visit: https://www.primalhealthcoach.com

To follow Erin, head to @eat.simple.erin on Instagram

And stay tuned for more information about Ashleigh's course, launching soon!

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