Lifting weights and NOT seeing results? Here's why:

These are a few common reasons why you aren't seeing the results you want from your workout routine.

  • Your training doesn’t match your goals. If you want to get stronger but 75% of your training plan is cardio; if you want to gain muscle but you’ve never done reps to fatigue; if you’re training for performance but never let yourself recover…these are all ways that our training plan can get in the way of our goals. Sometimes it just takes a little tweaking and guidance from an experienced coach to get your training more aligned with the outcome you’re looking for. 

  • Your nutrition doesn’t match your training. Want to gain muscle but you’re eating 1200 calories a day? Yeah, that probably won’t cut it. It’s tough to unlearn what media and popular diet culture has taught us, but if we can look at things pragmatically and with science, rather than with fear and emotion, we can understand how to properly fuel our bodies to do the hard work of GROWING muscle tissue. Alternatively, if you’re looking to lose significant body fat but aren’t tracking or aware of your food intake at all, you could be wasting time. We can help you figure it out!

  • You’re not recovering properly. Are you one of those “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” Type-A go-getters? Well, that’s great—until you burn out, injure yourself, or give up in frustration after a six-month plateau (despite working your ass off). Many professional and recreational athletes alike have learned this the hard way: you must treat your recovery with as much respect as your training sessions if you want your body to grow and ready itself for more hard work in the gym. Constantly beating yourself down without a break DOES NOT WORK. You are not special – you need to recover, just like everyone else. The faster we learn this, the faster we can improve and see some gains!

  • You’re focusing too much on reps and weights and not enough on muscle contraction and mind-muscle connection. This is a big one for more experienced lifters – we spend so much time in the gym that it’s easy to put our workouts on auto-pilot. We don’t have to focus on form as much, or we get bored and spend too much time looking at our phones between sets. If you’re not focusing on getting the most out of every moment of every rep, you’re losing gains. If you’re going to dedicate time to working out, really dedicate yourself!

  • You’re not challenging the muscle effectively. Luckily, this is an easy one to fix. If you want to grow a booty but all of those squats and kickbacks aren’t working, it could be something as simple as tailored exercise choice for your unique physiology; proper queuing; more work on mind-muscle connection; or an audit of your movement to ensure proper form, so you’re recruiting the actual muscles you want to be working.

  • You aren’t following a structured, progressive plan. There’s a reason high-performing athletes and competitors have coaches: no matter how dedicated and enthusiastic a person is, we all benefit from the objectivity, accountability, and experience of professionals. Here’s where we come in! Sign up for the Muscle Science for Women program now!

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