Ep 51 | Dr. Cynthia Thurlow | Understanding fasting for women

We often hear that fasting doesn’t work as well for women - but we rarely get the details as to WHY it may be more complicated, or how we could be doing it differently to reap the myriad benefits of fasting. If you’re a woman looking to improve health and body composition, or you’re a coach or someone who works with women on their health, this podcast is for you.
Ashleigh speaks with Cynthia Thurlow, an intermittent fasting expert, nutrition educator, and nurse practitioner about fasting, covering many topics like:
  • Rules for when fasting is NOT a good idea
  • How to start fasting in a measured and intelligent way to maximize your chances for success
  • Misconceptions/things we do wrong when we try to fast
  • Can you fast and grow muscle at the same time?
  • Hormonal change throughout our lives and how that can impact fasting, and more
Find out more about Cynthia, her work, and her new book at https://cynthiathurlow.com/
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