Ep 56 | Dr. Steven Lin | Functional Dentistry, and how our mouth impacts our overall health

Dr. Steven Lin is a board-accredited dentist, author of The Dental Diet, and TEDx speaker. He coined the term functional dentist and is doing incredibly innovative work in this emerging area to prevent dental disease and overall health issues that are related to jaw and facial structure, improper breathing, gut and digestive health, and so much more. As we learn in this episode, oral health is about so much more than flossing and eating less sugar.
In today’s episode with functional dentist Dr. Lin, he and Ashleigh discuss:
  • What a functional dentist does that’s different from traditional dentistry
  • The prevalence and danger of sleep apnea in all different types of people
  • The importance of nasal breathing for oral and overall health
  • The importance of “tongue posture”
  • Can you proactively and positively impact things like jaw structure?
  • Can you reverse cavities and tooth decay?
  • What are some of the issues with crooked teeth and jaw problems aside from aesthetics
  • So much more!
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