Ep 66 | My pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience

In the last episode of 2021, Ashleigh talks about her pregnancy and birth story:  her experiences being pregnant; including how she adjusted her diet and workout regimen; her actual birth experience, which involved an unmedicated birth at a birth center with a midwife and doula (and a couple surprises); and how she approached recovery, health, and life in the fourth trimester, aka the first few months after birth.

While this episode is not meant to be formal advice to any potential or new mom, it is a deeply personal story where Ashleigh shares her thoughts, feelings, experiences, and some suggestions or things to think about when you're going through this incredible journey - questions to ask yourself, and areas you may want to research more, learn about, or ask your care provider about. This episode is for moms-to-be and also their support people, spouses, and family.

If you'd like to know more specifics about Ashleigh's birth preparation, recovery, fitness plan, products used, and so on, send her a message through her website: ashleighvanhouten.com

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